An exclusive Health Resort for diagnosis, treatment and regeneration



Are you tired of occupational stress,after a disease, surgery or even unknown causes? Do you want to regenerate in an exclusive environment under medical supervision?

We have therefore created a refuge for you in a relaxing and stress-liberated environment- the COR-Resort in upper Bavaria, Brannenburg, a centre of regeneration,with technical equipment of hospital standard, in order to detect the causes of illness of the patient / guest diagnostically and accompany him specifically therapeutically.

C O R stands as much for the HEART,the central life motor, the inner rhythm,the centre of power and soul - to restore this highly differentiated balance at or after an illness;
this is the goal of Dr. med Ira Mayrhofer, specialist in internal medicine, nutritional medicine, rehabilitation, psychosomatic primary care and her team of therapists and consultant physicians. She will take her time to investigate the causes of all forms of fatigue or stress-related health disorder to the bottom, as well as coordinate and implement the multimodal therapy concepts at every regeneration needs, after surgery,serious illness or even unknown causes, with every of cause and effect.

Optionally, patients / guests can be medically supervised and enjoy delicious cuisine, not only ambulatory,in the private medical practice integrated in the COR-Resort, but also recover during a sort of hospitalization in one of the 7 luxuriously equipped suites on the upper floors of the listed building, within a 7000m² park.